• Bluetooth Travel Time

    This dataset contains travel time, delay, congestion and speed calculated by an application from data sourced from Bluetooth receivers installed across the traffic network. Data updated in near real-time...

  • Disruptions - Road

    Disruptions to the road network in Victoria affect many people as they plan and undertake their journeys. This information contains details of disruptions in near real-time on roads managed by the Victorian Department of Transport. The data includes the location and reason for the disruption along with which road it has occurred on.

  • Emergency Road Closures & Traffic Alerts

    This dataset contains the locations and details of all unplanned road closures and traffic alerts recorded by DOT, in real-time. The records represent a closure affecting either the point on road or the length of road.

  • GTFS-R Trip Updates, Service Alerts and Vehicle Positions

    A GTFS Realtime (GTFS-R) feed lets public transportation agencies provide realtime information and updates about location of their vehicles and expected arrival times. An incremental approach has been taken to release features of the GTFS-R feed. The initial GTFS-R release delivers trip updates for Metro Trains and Buses, service alerts, vehicle positions and occupancy data available for Metro trains only.

  • Heavy Vehicle Network

    • v1

      This dataset contains Victoria's gazetted Class 2 B-Double road network, Height Clearance and Structures. Class 2 B-Double Heavy Vehicles have been divided into 3 categories: Approved, Conditionally Approved and Restricted.

  • Lane Use Management Signals

    This dataset contains the Lane Use Management Signals (LUMS) along the Victorian Freeway Network. Data is updated in near real-time.