Lookups of trip ID's

Hi Where can I get a reference of the TripID and vehicale descriptor in the below response? { id: '2022-06-26-5890', vehicle: VehiclePosition { trip: TripDescriptor { tripId: '981.UJ.2-B31-E-mjp-1.13.R', startTime: '20:35:00', startDate: '20220626' }, position: Position { latitude: -37.7260856628418, longitude: 144.9261474609375, bearing: 149.5173797607422 }, timestamp: Long { low: 1656240732, high: 0, unsigned: true }, vehicle: VehicleDescriptor { id: '2505T-2532T-709M-710M-763M-764M' }, occupancyStatus: 1 } Thanks Fred


    You can look these things up in the non-realtime GTFS files downloadable from here: https://discover.data.vic.gov.au/dataset/ptv-timetable-and-geographic-information-2015-gtfs As far as I know there's no way to query these things via an API but would be very happy to be proven wrong!
    Posted by Hidden Fri, 12 Aug 2022 04:15:19 GMT

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